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Cake Mix Treats

I know what you’re thinking, why is a baker posting recipes made from store bought cake mix?  Well, sometimes you want a sweet treat fast, or maybe you don’t have a lot of time to measure or make something from scratch.  I feel you and I got you!  Here are some fun treats that are a snap to make, only require a couple extra ingredients, and would be super for the kiddos to help with!

Cake mix also offers endless options!  Like for these cookies – you can use any cake mix flavor and make them even more fun with some mixins or toppings!  I went with strawberry cake mix topped with a white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles.  But how about pineapple cake mix with macadamia nuts?  Or chocolate cake mix with pecans and caramel chunks?  Spice cake with cream cheese frosting?  Yum!

This cake mix cookie recipe is softer, puffier, and more cake like.  I used to make these all the time!  Once again, any cake mix flavor would be delish!

Probably my favorite out of the recipes I tried for this post!  There was just enough strawberry flavor and the sprinkles make it extra fun!  My daughter’s favorite too!  Use candy melts instead of chocolate chips if you want to avoid refrigeration.

A favorite of my family when I was growing up!  Really couldn’t be any easier.  Mix up the fillings and cake flavors for a different dessert each time!  Top with whipped cream or ice cream for a super special treat.

Snacking doesn’t get much better than puppy chow.  Crispy and chocolaty!  If you don’t like peanut butter no problem, sub 2 tablespoons oil and add another 1/2 cup chocolate chips.  You can definitely also use different flavors, just swap white chocolate chips if it goes better with the flavor!  Add other snacks like peanuts, pretzels, goldfish, m&ms, dried cranberries, etc. for the ultimate snack mix!

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